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Sourcing Engineer

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Date: Nov 21, 2018

Location: Suzhou, CN

Company: Datwyler

Datwyler Cabling Solutions is an internationally operating supplier of premium-quality system solutions, products and services for electrical and communications infrastructures in single-purpose buildings and data centres as well as for FTTx networks. Being a well-established, reliable company with over 100-year tradition, Datwyler leads the way in innovations for applications such as ICT networks, fire safety and elevators.


Job Description                                                          



Job Title:    Sourcing Engineer

职位名称:  供应商开发工程师


Main activity:  project supplier source and management

主要职责: 负责新材料、新品类、新厂商开发和管理


Reporting to:   Sourcing Manager                  Replaced by:

汇报给:供应商开发经理                                    替代人员:  

___________________________                      ___________________

Professional Title                                          Age:

专业职称:                                                          年龄: 30-40

_________Engineer___________                    ___________________

Arrival date:                                                       Place of work

到岗日期:                                                          工作地点:江苏太仓

_________________________                          __________________

Scope of responsibility职责范围


  1. 负责新品类/新供应商开发,管理考核供应商,分析材料成本

    Support new category/new supplier source, evaluation, develop & cost analyze

  2. 负责样品和小批量订单的处理、跟踪, 确保物料保质保量导入直至大批量采购

    Release and track the sample purchase order & trial run order, guarantee the material delivery & qualified till mass production

  3. 负责新品类/新供应商开发,评估考核管理供应商,分析材料成本

    Responsible for new category/new supplier source, evaluation, develop & cost analyze

  4. 与厂商进行商务谈判,签订合同

    Commercial terms negotiation, contract signature

  5. 整合供应商, 定期优化商务条款,按要求进行年度降价

    Supplier consolidation and commercial terms optimization, annual cost down

  6. 支持协助产品库存指标、交货周期的管理和优化

    Support to control and optimize the products inventory and lead time

  7. 协助处理厂商交货异常、质量异常等问题

    Support to deal with the on time delivery, quality issue

  8.  管理和考核供应商

    Management and rating supplier

  9. 定期提交相关报表

    Regularly submit reports

  10. 部门负责人交办的其他工作

    Other work assigned by department owner





    Work experience 工作经验


    5年以上相关工作经验,通讯行业和数据中心行业优先,会操作SAP, 英语听写

    5 years work experience, telecommunication & Data center experience preferable

    Good at SAP,speaking & writing English



    Education background 教育背景



    Bachelor degree or above



    Major requirement所学专业


    不限,   工业、通讯、材料专业优先

    Not define, Industrial 、telecommunication, material preferable





  1. 为人正直、务实、细心,和有责任感。

    Honest, pragmatic, careful, and have a sense of responsibility.

  2. 具备团队协同工作能力。

    Team work.

  3. 能接受新的挑战

    Accept challenge

  4. 乐于助人


  5. 善于沟通

    Good communication skill


We Offer a Diverse and Global Working Environment
As a globally operating company, Datwyler offers a broad spectrum of job profiles and career opportunities. We offer ambitious individuals who approach their task with dedication and enthusiasm the right environment to excel and grow. This gives every employee the opportunity to influence the way we work. At Datwyler, we enable our employees to bring their talent to a global context and grow it steadily over time. Our employees are therefore at the very heart of Datwyler – we interact with respect, trust and loyalty. Mutual consideration and appreciation are key.