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Date: Mar 23, 2023

Location: Suzhou, JS, CN

Company: Datwyler


Your Position

How you spend your time

1.Early involved in new project to ensure safety launch to mass production, drive PFMEA and QCP and ensure transfer to manufacture process 参与新项目确保新产品安全导入量产,主导PFMEA和QCP并传递给量产团队。
2.Perform Quality System Audit and Quality Process Audit to ensure AVL supplier have a safe QMS and stable manufacture process 对供应商实施质量体系审核和制造过程审核,确保合格供方质量体系有效运行,确保供方制程稳定。
3.Drive PPAP for selected production parts together with sourcing and technical team 与采购、技术一起对选定的生产件进行PPAP认证,确保生产件安全导入量产。
4.Drive product and raw material inspection plan together with QC and Technical team 与QC、技术团队一起制定产品和材料的检验计划。
5.Lead cross function team to solve quality issues in first time e.g. customer complaint/process abnormal. And make sure corrective & preventive actions are implemented accordingly. 组织跨部门小组及时解决异常质量事件,如:客诉、在线异常等。并确保纠正、预防措施相应的实施。
6.Analyze nonconforming product and provide 8D to customer. 分析客诉不良品,并向客户提交8D报告。
7.Drive manufacture process robustness improvement and push to reduce high risk process. 推动制造过程鲁棒性提升,持续推动降低高风险过程。
8.Process quality control and monitor. 过程质量控制和监控。
9.Support Internal & External audit. 支持内部、外部审核。
10.Be familiar with Lean Manufacture and can individual leading 6 sigma and Kaizen project. 熟悉精益生产,能够独立主导精益6西格玛和Kaizen项目。
11.Drive monthly quality meeting with cross function team 主导月度质量会议。
12.Be familiar with Quality Seven Tools/8D/FMEA/QCP/PPAP. 熟悉质量七大手法、8D、A3、FMEA、QCP、PPAP等质量工具。

What will make you successful

1. 5 years of experience in a quality function五年以上质量管理经验
2. 3 years of Cabling or Harness product working experience 三年以上线缆、线束产品经验
3. Customize product working experience is a plus 有客户定制化产品工作经验优先

We Offer a Diverse and Global Working Environment

As a globally operating company, Datwyler offers a broad spectrum of job profiles and career opportunities. We offer ambitious individuals who approach their task with dedication and enthusiasm the right environment to excel and grow. This gives every employee the opportunity to influence the way we work. At Datwyler, we enable our employees to bring their talent to a global context and grow it steadily over time. Our employees are therefore at the very heart of Datwyler – we interact with respect, trust and loyalty. Mutual consideration and appreciation are key.

我们提供多元化,全球工作环境。作为一家全球性公司,德特威勒提供广阔的工作内容和事业机会。我们为完成使用而激情投入的各路才俊提供成长和卓越的平台。与此同时,也让这些才俊有机会影响我们的工作方式。我们让员工将聪明才智带到全球场景中,稳步成长。因此,员工是德特威勒最核心 -- 我们互相尊重、忠诚互信。相互理解和欣赏最关键。